Introducing TaxGPT

Your AI-powered Tax Assistant

1. Ask Your Questions

Simply type in your tax question into the chat interface. You can ask about deductions, income, investments, filing status or any other tax-related topic.

2. Get AI-powered Answers

TaxGPT quickly responds to your questions and provides detailed, easy-to-understand answers. The LLM is trained on tax laws and regulations, ensuring accuracy.

3. Make Informed Decisions

With TaxGPT’s assistance, you can  make better-informed decisions about your tax situation. Feel confident in understanding your finances better and maximizing your deductions.

Key Features of TaxGPT

Backed by AI trained on extensive tax law, get accurate and latest responses to all your tax queries.

TaxGPT is designed with the most advanced AI algorithms, and proprietary hallucination control algorithms ensuring the tax answer provided is based on gold standard information.

TaxGPT helps you identify eligible deductions to ensure you’re not overpaying your taxes.

No need to search for answers online or wait for a tax professional’s response. Get instant answers to your tax queries.

We prioritize your data security. Your information remains encrypted and confidential.

How Much Does It Cost?

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is TaxGPT?

TaxGPT is an AI-powered tool for tax professionals that provides a suite of services to improve accuracy and efficiency in your workflow.

I’ve heard of ChatGPT, how is TaxGPT different?

ChatGPT and other GPT platforms have significant drawbacks when compared to TaxGPT. TaxGPT is trained only on vetted primary and secondary tax sources, whereas other platforms are trained on a wide range of non-tax related sources. Because of this, other platforms have a much higher probability of including false or irrelevant information in their answers. Other platforms also have data cutoffs, so the most recent accessible information may be over a year old. Tax laws change constantly, TaxGPT is updated in real-time.

What does TaxGPT offer?

TaxGPT offers the following tools for tax professionals:

Research & Reference: Driven by AI, users are able to ask any tax question to our platform and receive concise answers from millions of trusted primary and secondary source documents. We provide citation in our responses, so you can verify the accuracy for yourself.

Memo Writing (Beta): From client question to a concise memo in seconds. TaxGPT will answer any question and convert the response into a memo that can be emailed directly to the recipient.
This is just the start, but we have more tools in development for our tax professionals!

Does TaxGPT provide general or client specific information?

TaxGPT can do both! You have the option to provide your client’s specific details to tailor the platform. Our AI agents will be customized to provide focused answers as they relate to your client. For more generalized responses, simply opt out of entering these details when starting a new chat.

How accurate is TaxGPT? What if I am provided with an inaccurate response?

Just like humans, TaxGPT and other AI platforms will never be 100% accurate. TaxGPT is designed to enhance your capabilities as a professional, not replace them. We provide citations for our professional users for verification and we are continually improving our internal algorithms for better accuracy. If TaxGPT provides an inaccurate response, please provide feedback and we’ll modify our data accordingly. TaxGPT is in its infancy, so every bit of feedback helps make it a more powerful tool for all of us.

Is TaxGPT secure?

Yes. We use state-of-the-art cybersecurity to prevent data breaches, data theft, and data loss. We are also in the process of obtaining SOC 2 Type II attestation.

How Much Does It Cost?

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Copyright by 1040TaxBiz All rights reserved.

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