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Seasonal Tax Office

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What is a Seasonal Tax Office? Tax preparation has a seasonal peak of filed returns in February and March. By early February, about 1 in 5 tax returns have already been filed. By early April, almost 4 in 5 tax returns have already been filed.

Short Filing Season

Personal income tax preparation has a short filing season for tax returns. You’ll work hard during the main filing season and enjoy free time the rest of the year. The goal is to operate your tax office from January 1 through April 30.

Find a Location

There may be office space location near you that is willing to negotiate a short-term lease. Learn more about location types in your marketing training.

Market your Business on a Budget

You should begin to market your tax business around October to reach as many possible customers as many possible times as you can. Guerrilla marketing training provided by 1040TaxBiz can help you reach more potential clients and pay less money.

Make More Money with Additional Services

You can offer your customers other services such as:

  • Medical / Vision / Dental insurance discount program
  • Audit protection
  • Credit repair

Local Tax Office Phone Number and Address

Having a local phone number and business address during the tax season is important, but what do you do after April 15? You are on vacation, but your customers still need help. 1040TaxBiz provides year-round client management services. We can mail customers their checks, email copies of their returns, and prove the IRS Where’s My Refund site and federal offset number when they have questions about their refunds. Ask us how we can take care of your clients’ needs during the off-season.


Two packages work well for seasonal offices: Starter and Advanced. The increased revenue share of the Premium package also makes it an attractive option for a seasonal office.

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