Bank Product and Cash Advance Loan Marketing Program

At times, clients may lack the funds to cover preparation fees upon filing. A Bank Product presents a payment solution enabling clients to subtract preparation fees, Bank Product fee, add-on services, and Cash Advance Loan fees directly from their refunds. This process is facilitated through a Refund Transfer selected during software processing. Bank Products are available until mid-October, while the Cash Advance Loan program extends to mid-March. However, using a Bank Product doesn't ensure qualification for a cash advance. The Bank Product fee for this year amounts to $159.95, which encompasses the option for cash advances.

*The marketing fee for the pre-season loan is $75. As returns are funded, the bank will retain a
portion of each funding until the total marketing fees are satisfied. The marketing fee will be
deducted from preparation fees prior to calculating revenue share.

Audit Defense

Audit Defense is support from a tax preparation professional in case a customer’s return is
audited by the IRS. The professional can respond to the inquiries and explore options to share
with the customers who won’t have to spend time and effort working with the agencies on their
own. The base fee of $24.95 is collected by 1040TaxBiz. You can add $10 to the base fee for a
commission for yourself. Neither the base fee nor the commission are subject to revenue share.
Choose the amount of commission you would like to add to the base fee of the Audit Defense.

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