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1040TaxBiz Renewal Cost           $299


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This Renewal Service Agreement is made and entered into by and between Lee’s Tax City, LLC /dba: 1040 TaxBiz (hereinafter referred to as “1040 TaxBiz”) and (Hereinafter referred to as “Client”) (Collectively referred to as the “Parties”).

  1. Term: Phase I, which includes tax law, software and marketing training as well as office setup assistance will begin on the date the agreement is signed and the required documents are submitted. Phase II begins January 2, 2025, and continues through November 15, 2025.
  2. Renewal: The agreement will renew automatically if the Client meets the minimum required number of refund transfers (5) or E-Files (10) between the dates of January 1, 2025 and TAX DAY April 15, 2025. If Client fails to reach minimum number of Refund Transfers or E-Files, Client must pay $299 to renew.
  3. Service Cost:
    1. EFILES - For all non-bank product personal tax returns (electronically filed returns known as EFILEs) as well as for paper filed returns, Client's current agreed upon fee structure will remain the same.
    2. Bank Products - The Client recognizes that 1040 TaxBiz will collect the “tax preparation fees” on all Bank Products and will deposit weekly into the Client’s account.  Client's current agreed upon revenue share will remain the same. If Lee's (1040 TaxBiz) must electronically file or mail the return, a service fee of $15 will be added to bank product fees assessed to the taxpayer.

The Client acknowledges that additional costs, known as direct costs, will be applied to the final fees of tax customers for third-party products and services provided by 1040 TaxBiz. These direct costs encompass refund transfer charges for non-cash customers, software technology fees, audit protection services, service bureau fees, and direct E-file fees. It's important to note that these fees are separate from the shared revenue agreement between the Client and 1040 TaxBiz and will be handled by the bank, paid directly to the respective service providers. The Client understands and accepts that Bank Product, Service Bureau, Technology, and Doc fees are distinct from shared revenue, being fixed fees owed to third parties. The Client commits to informing tax customers about these fees, clarifying that they are not part of the preparation charges and are remitted to third-party entities.

The renewal contract will continue following the existing terms and conditions but may be subject to any amendments as necessary.


1040 TaxBiz 2024-2025 Renewal & Recap of Key Points in Agreement

 The following is a recap of key points in the agreement you have signed with 1040 TaxBiz:

  1. I'll provide a copy of my e-services EFIN Summary Application letter. The IRS requires tax offices to have an “EFIN” for electronic tax filing. This unique identifier is assigned by the IRS to firms completing the e-file Application. Anyone in the office can apply for an EFIN at no charge. After application and approval, the IRS sends an acceptance letter with the assigned EFIN. If I don't have an EFIN yet, the process can take 45 days or more.
  2. I understand and acknowledge in the event that that if I don't receive an EFIN promptly after applying with the IRS, 1040 TaxBiz will offer ERO Direct servicing to my taxpayer clients. I will abide by 1040 TaxBiz's policies and procedures, ensuring the gathering of wage documentation, identification, and taxpayer signatures before 1040 TaxBiz submits the client's return.
  3. I understand and acknowledge that I am required to apply for and use only the electronic filing identification number(s) (EFINs) made known to 1040TaxBiz.
  4. I understand and acknowledge that if I am denied by the IRS for the electronic filing identification number(s) (EFINs) this agreement will be terminated.
  5. I will provide a photocopy of my Driver’s License, clearly showing my picture ID, DL#, D.O.B. and Expiration Date. If my driver’s license is set to expire between now and December 31, 2024, I will need an updated copy before the tax season begins. This information is provided to the bank in order to obtain the use of bank products.
  6. I will provide a signed and completed ACH Transfer Form. The account information I provide on this form is for the sole purpose of crediting my revenue share of preparation fees directly into my checking account or debiting for E-file returns when the customer pays at the time of preparation.
  7. I will provide a signed and completed Credit Card Authorization Form. The account information I provide on this form is for the sole purpose of debiting in case my bank account is NSF when 1040TaxBiz debits for E-Files completed.
  8. I understand and acknowledge that 1040TaxBiz will initiate weekly debits and credits to my account, typically on Wednesdays, based on funded tax clients. I will have access to view funding statements reflecting my tax clients funded by the IRS and their expected deposit amounts. Additionally, I am aware that the revenue share for E-file customers will be debited from my account upon IRS acceptance of a return, while bank product revenue share will be credited when the bank provides funding from the IRS through 1040TaxBiz. Weekly debits or credits will be processed based on the difference between E-file and bank product return fees within the 7-day revenue share cycle during the peak tax season. Returned ACH and/or payments are subject to a $30.00 ACH return fee.
  9. I understand and acknowledge that should 1040 TaxBiz not be able to collect payment for Accepted E-files, my access to the software may temporarily be disabled until payment arrangements have been made.
  10. I understand and acknowledge that if at any time during the tax season I need to change my banking, I will notify 1040 TaxBiz immediately and I will provide 1040 TaxBiz with a newly completed ACH Transfer Form to update my banking information. No changes to my banking will be made in the absence of the newly completed and signed ACH Transfer Form, which I can request from 1040 TaxBiz. Likewise, if my office or shipping address or any other inform changes, I will complete a Change of Information Form.  All changes must be made the Friday before funding or we will hold the deposit for the following week.
  11. I will provide 1040 TaxBiz with a W9 Form. The information I provide on the W9 will be used for tax purposes. If I have an EIN number, I will provide it on the W9 Form where indicated. If not, I will provide my Social Security Number on the W9 Form where indicated.
  12. I understand I will be required to pass a criminal background check.
  13. I understand and acknowledge that if I fail to operate in an ethical professional manner, 1040 TaxBiz can revoke my service rights and no refund will be given.
  14. I understand and acknowledge that 1040 axBiz will send me a 1099 form in January of 2026 to claim my income during the 2025 year when I am paid at least $600.
  15. I agree not to operate or utilize any tax software or service other than those offered by 1040TaxBiz. If I am found bypassing 1040 TaxBiz services, my access to the software may be disabled.
  16. I understand and acknowledge that 1040 TaxBiz will provide guidance on product pricing and tax preparation fees which will reflect local markets. I however will set tax preparation fees for my clients. To qualify for certain marketing incentives and any other promotions or special deals inside this contract, 1040 TaxBiz requires a minimum bank product tax preparation fee of $200.00.
  17. I recognize that if I cancel or default on the service agreement, 1040 Taxbiz will not service my clients as of the date of cancellation or default.
  18. I understand and acknowledge the Bank, Service Bureau, and Technology fees are not part of the revenue sharing as these fees are fixed costs due and owed to third parties.
  19. As the local owner and operator, I know I need to market my business. I understand that 1040 TaxBiz brands and names are trademarked and I will not use them without prior approval.
  20. I understand and acknowledge that under no circumstances can these products or services be transferred or sold once they are purchased from 1040 TaxBiz.
  21. I understand and acknowledge that I am solely responsible for the operation of my Tax Preparation business. Utilizing 1040 TaxBiz services and marketing programs are not in any way a guarantee of expected performance.
  22. I understand that I am an independently owned and operated tax business and I have contracted with 1040 TaxBiz to process tax returns, provide technical support, tax software, and marketing support to start and grow my tax business.

I hereby consent to and acknowledge the terms described above, and I wish to extend my agreement for the upcoming year. By endorsing this renewal, I comprehend that I am obliged to adhere to the terms and conditions outlined herein throughout the duration of the renewed agreement period.

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