Invest in Yourself

We Work,
You Prosper!

We understand the challenges of starting a new business, that's why were committed to making the experience as simple and easy to start as possible for you!
Fees are only charged when you make money

Revenue Sharing
No Fixed Costs

We provide everything you need to successfully operate a tax preparation business, like H&R Block. You get Software, Training, Bank products, and operational support.
How do we make money?
We recoup our upfront cost of getting you operational by sharing in the tax preparation fees you charge. You set the fees, you decide how much to charge your clients.
No out pocket cost for our 1040 PRO package

We only make money
When you make money

We take the risk with you. We work with you to start your own tax preparation business. We provide every thing you need to start and operate a profitable business. We're incentivized to make sure you succeed!
Stay competitive with tax offices in your market

Give Clients Access
To Money FAST

Your clients get the money they need fast. This valuable program gives clients the flexibility they need to pay outstanding expenses without having to wait weeks for their refund to be processed–giving you the edge you need to compete in your market.
Invest in Yourself

1040Taxbiz Will Guide You To Success!

Partner with a company that is willing to guide you through the process! With our "business in a box" approach you'll receive everything you need to be successful, as well as a team to help lead you and keep your business on track for success!


Mutual Vetting

During this time 1040taxbiz will discuss the benefits and features of our service. We also determine the viability of the prospective affiliate.  The prospective affiliate will determine if the 1040taxbiz program is right for them by asking any questions or concerns.

Enrollment Period

Once you are ready to move forward, 1040 TaxBiz will send out your service agreement.  Upon completion 1040 TaxBiz will then provide instructions within our “WELCOME EMAIL” outlining next steps as well as obtain remaining required docs for enrollment.  Once all steps are completed you will be added to the 1040 TaxBiz family and begin onboarding!


Now that you are a partner with 1040 TaxBiz, we can start the process of enrolling you in the authorized IRS E-file program, the IRS PTIN program, our software platform, banking platform and our in-house management platform.

Pre-Season Strategy

During this period 1040 TaxBiz will work with you to discuss your goals and create a strategy for success.  This is a time for creating your marketing plan, building your brand and websites, finalizing your office set up, recruiting tax preparers, and all other essentials for tax season!

In the Heat


1040 TaxBiz provides online training covering everything from tax law, tax software, ethics, office management, and marketing.  The training will be conducted by live instructors utilizing live interactive webinars, as well as you are given access to our library of recorded webinars to train at your convenience.

Final Push

This period between October and January 1 is essential for your success during tax season.  1040 TaxBiz will assist ensuring you are heavily marketing all the benefits that you are providing potential clients.  We do a final audit of your office to make sure you are all set and ready to go for tax season.

Tax Season

Office Set!

In this industry you have understand that you make your revenue in just 8 to 12 weeks.  You have to capitalize on potential clients before they file with your competition.  Be ready to make changes on a daily basis.  Your return on your investment will be determined by the time & effort you put in.  The real secret to success is selling & marketing of your services.

Relax, Evaluate, & Renew

Now that you’ve completed tax season, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor!  1040 TaxBiz will work with you individually to discuss the highs and lows of the season and how you can improve for future years as well as build on the numbers you generated! When the time comes we would love to have you work with us again and we will renew our service to help GROW your tax preparation business!

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    Copyright by 1040TaxBiz All rights reserved.

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