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1040TaxBiz Review: James L.

The staff is very knowledgeable and they were available to answer my questions whenever I needed help. This was my first year going solo., so I had lots of anxiety about how things would work out, but the great folks at 1040TaxBiz were there to make sure I had everything I needed to be successful – from setting up the software I used for transmitting returns to the IRS to helping me collect fees from clients.

James L.
Morehead, Kentucky

1040TaxBiz Review: Katherine M.
1040TaxBiz Review: Katherine M.

I had partnered with another company before and that experience was horrible! Then I ran across the 1040TaxBiz website. My biggest fear partnering with 1040TaxBiz was that I wouldn’t make any money!!! However, I actually made some money and I had become really good friends with the 1040TaxBiz Team. They guided me through the tax season, from training to cutting checks and I enjoyed learning all the new things. I had been preparing returns for another company before but this was different, being my OWN boss! I was starting fresh and didn’t have much money to spend at the beginning of the season. 1040TaxBiz gave me a deal out of this world. I started with a split of 50/50 and I’ve worked my way up to 80/20. My favorite part of being part of the 1040TaxBiz family will have to be the awesome 1040TaxBiz Team. Now, I definitely love making money and I love what I do! There is just something great about working with a team that I can call, always getting someone pleasant on the other line that loves their job just as much I love mine. If there was any problem they had the solution. They made my day and my company run smooth. I have a heartfelt, ‘Thank You’, to them because they are a part of my success story with 1040TaxBiz. I would recommend this company to anyone that’s looking to start a tax preparation business and grow as fast as I did. Commitment, dedication and success goes a long way with this company!

Katherine M.
Louin, MS

1040TaxBiz Review: Jasmond Meadows
1040TaxBiz Review: Jasmond Meadows

I was a Truck Driver for ten years when I started looking for something else to do during the winter. I came across 1040TaxBiz, and after talking with Gloria – I thought I would give it a try. I rented a space, and I did over 180 returns in my first season. I did over 300 returns this tax season averaging over $350 per return. I do not have to drive a truck anymore unless I want to! Everyone with 1040TaxBiz has been helpful. Every problem was fixed quickly! Most were my fault! I just re-signed for next year and I am looking to expand with their Tax Kiosk Program. When I first signed up with 1040TaxBiz I was scared that they were going to take my money. They followed through and sent me information in the mail as promised and my fears then started to go away. I was excited to start learning something new after driving trucks. 1040TaxBiz’s training and support gave me the confidence I needed to be successful. For anyone considering 1040TaxBiz I would say trust the company because they do what they say they are going to do.

Jasmond M.
Atlanta, GA

1040TaxBiz Review: Idalia M.

I would personaly like to thank all of you for an AMAZING 2018 Tax Year. You guys are AWESOME and I truly appreciate everything you guys have help me out this yr and last yr, from a simple question or even a not so good question but you guys always seem to figure it out. Welcome Lisa (don’t have her email) she couldn’t answer any question at the beginning of the season but now she knows a lot and helped out on her own. THANKKKKKK YOU EACH AND EVERYONE of you guys and Mrs.Gloria as a client I couldn’t ask for a better hard working team. Enjoy your time and see you guys next year.

****Sorry if I missed anyone but 1040 STAFF ROCKS****

Idalia M.