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In 1994 Gloria Harris started Lee’s Tax City in Indianapolis, Indiana as a local retail tax preparation business.  Over the next 10 years Lee’s Tax City grew to 16 offices in 3 states.  In 2004 Mrs. Harris started a Service Bureau, now known as 1040 TaxBiz offering direct wholesale of processing services.  The rapid growth of the wholesale division grew to 300 offices over 12 states.

From 2004 to 2022 1040 TaxBiz  grew to operation averaging 450 to 600 offices in 33 states.  In 2009  the company made the decision to drop the retail offices, to focus on the wholesale services division.  We maintain a single Lee’s Tax City location for testing and training purposes.

Over the last 29 years, 1040 TaxBiz has brought many new and innovated changes to the market.  We were the first to introduce the “Shared Revenue”  Model to the industry.  This allowed us to offer a zero start-up program.

Our kiosk model was introduced in 2014 when Family Dollar contracted with 1040taxbiz to manage it’s national program for in-house tax preparation similar to Walmart.


1040TaxBiz core values are reflected in our everyday practices and standards.  We ask our team members and our Partners to adhered the highest industry standards.  We work in an industry that our Clients trust is the foundation of our business practices.

We ask our Partner to accept the we are legally and ethically bound to make decisions in the client’s best interest.

Tax Professionals can be found in many different relationships, such as investment, and business advisors to a client.

We at 1040taxbiz; in all of our training and relationship continue this messaging to our Partners with an goal of instilling this ethical standard in their practice.

Tax preparers have a duty to remain objective and, to a degree, independent from their clients. A situation in which clients have competing interests that could make it difficult for tax preparers to perform services fairly and objectively could be a conflict of interest. It is a best practice to avoid potential conflicts by having procedures in place before accepting new engagements or new clients to determine if the interests of the potential new client conflict with an existing client. Additionally, because there could be a conflict of interest with the tax preparation firm or member of the firm, potential new clients should be vetted with firm members.  All of our offices must adhered to the IRS Circular 230 for Tax Professionals

After 29 years in the Tax Industry we know with out a doubt. “Play by the rules to succeed” .

More than Just Business

What Do We
Stand For?

Principles that have served us well as we have grown
Partnership Growth
Partnering with entrepreneurs to drive growth of their core business while upholding the highest industry standards.
Affiliate Support
Doing what it takes to ensure our affilaites have a successful tax season. Our team meets customer's needs by operating year-round.
Business Training
Our success depends on offering our partners the best training in all aspects of the business to ensure profitability & compliance with the IRS.
Offer a price model that allows the driven entrepreneur a means to launch their business for little to no investment.
Start Ups
Interactively coordinate proactive goals via process-centric outside the box thinking. That will result in our partners success.
Ethical Standards
Ethical standards are a set of principles, we at 1040taxbiz operate by and expect in all of our relationships.

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    Copyright by 1040TaxBiz All rights reserved.

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