1040TaxBiz provides more than just software

1040TaxBiz provides everything you need to be successful!

Working together we not only navigate all the needed hurdles in starting up a new venture, we also help instill a sense of pride and ownership in your new business!

Introduction To Software

Enjoy no limit to the number of tax returns that can be prepared and filed with your 1040TaxBiz software. We don’t limit you per return, so you don’t feel limited and can continue to grow your business. includes everything you need to succeed and grow your tax preparation business. We offer the finest cloud-based tax software. and our top-rated technical support is there year round.

Software Includes

Office ManagementClient Manager

Complete access manager to quickly and easily locate all taxpayer information saving you valuable time. Select the search criteria to customize the available information.
  • Personal details
  • Return details
  • Payment details
  • History details
  • Preparer notes
  • Return status
  • Schedule appointments
  • Letters
  • Export to excel

Staff ManagementMulti-User Manager

Ability to add additional users to your office with tools to help customize and optimize your business.
  • Each user has a unique account name and password.
  • Set privileges specific to each user; such as e-file, bank, check printing, and reports.
  • Disable account access at anytime.
  • Enable an IP address feature for security you control.

Virtual OfficeTaxpayer Portal

The taxpayer portal is a secure, user-friendly site that allows your client to stay connected without visiting the tax office!
  • The taxpayer can view/print tax forms.
  • Remotely sign tax forms.
  • Upload tax related documents such as W2s, drivers license, social security cards, and much more!
  • Send messages to the preparer and preparer can respond, in real time!
--We are always there

Technical Support

We do not believe in “work orders” or “trouble tickets”.  The season is too short and time is critical to success, especially during tax season.  When there is a problem we stay on it until it is resolved.  We staff the call center to handle your needs, remember our business model is based on – if you are not making money we are not making money. During Tax season we add additional staff and your business coach act as your in-house champion for your business.  Will there be problems?  Yes, checks will misprint, passwords will need reset, Clients will walk-in with unusual problems.  Most can be resolved with a phone call,  if we need to see more, we just ask you to login to our online help portal (simple-help) so we can see your computer and what the issue is, and how to answer the need.


IRS Enrollment

1040TaxBiz takes pride in assisting our clients with everything they need to maintain IRS compliance! This includes helping you through the process of obtaining a EFIN and PTIN, as well as guiding you through obtaining an EIN. With 1040TaxBiz you can be confident that your office will be set up professionally and securely.

Bank Enrollment

Don’t worry about complicated setup processes with the bank, 1040TaxBiz will get you completely enrolled in all bank products. Your office will not only be able to take fees out of the customers refund, but also provide them an up to $6000 Refund Advance which keeps you competitive!


Marketing Support

The hardest part about operating a tax business isn’t actually filing taxes, its getting people in the door! 1040Taxbiz is committed to helping our offices market themselves in away that allows them to be competitive with huge brands like H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt! We train you on how to properly advertise your business while maintaining full compliance with IRS laws in regards to advertising.

The Three Keys

Training - for Success

Two professional programmer cooperating and working on web site project in a software developing on desktop computer at company, codes and typing data code, Programming with HTML, PHP and javascript.

After 29 years of working with thousand of new Startups we have refine our process, We know and understand the Tax Preparation Industry. Success has three key elements Regulatory Compliance, Office management, and Marketing. We work with you to understand your duties under IRS requirements for Tax Preparers to operate an Ethical, successful tax office. All your efforts and hard work does not mean a lot if you are not making Money. Our training will cover Pre-Season, In-Season, and year round markets. How to target each and build a book of business that come back year after year.

You will learn how to use the software in both “Interactive” and “Direct” mode. How to use the build-in reports and how to design your own. You will learn the Office management platform and to schedule and manage your Clients. You will learn how to navigate the Dashboard within the Tax Software, the client Portal, the video conference platform, and our in house communication platform. These are all tools that are part of your core training.

We start with the Software - We Train you on Tax law/Tax Prep

The industry is very competitive, the window of opportunity is very small. Tax season is only 12 to 16 weeks long. Your business needs to be chosen by the consumer over all the other Tax offices.
We help:
- Marketing Materials
- Posters
- Door Hangers
- Banners
- In store displays
- Gorilla Marketing training
Our Training covers all Governmental, Private, and Public sections. You will work with both the State and Federal IRS. They each have requirements for their states that we help you navigate. "Your" team at 1040taxbiz will walk you through the setup and integration to ensure a smooth first season. How to Partner with the Banks, Processors, and third party products offerings is easy once you complete the training. We train you and assist in the setup.
What do I need to know if my business is working? What reports and filing systems do I need to be compliance with the IRS and my State? Your team work work with you to ensure you know how to use all the great reports and tools built into our Software Platform. How to Manage your customers web portals and client information. The industry has many report and compliance requirements, You never have to worry with our platform and training.

Take the first step, contact us for more info!

Copyright by 1040TaxBiz. All rights reserved.

Copyright by 1040TaxBiz All rights reserved.

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