1040TaxBiz Pro Package

Feeling Inspired? Take it to the next Level

Our $299 Pro package allows you to receive the maximum revenue share while providing all the same services as local competitors!

Pro Package Features

  • IRS Registration Assistance – We’ll help you get your EFIN and PTIN so you can show your clients that you are a legitimate tax preparer! 
  • Bank Enrollment & Onboarding – You’ll be able to do an up to $6000 Refund Advance your first year by joining 1040TaxBiz!
  • All States &  Years Prior Included – With 1040TaxBiz you’re not limited to your local market! File for anybody in the United States and e-file the past 3 years and paper file up to the last 5 years for a refund! 
  • Digital Marketing Kit – We provide custom templates that can be easily edited for your business and used to grow your social media presence and profiles! 
  • Website & Logo Creation Assistance – Need a logo or website for your business, work with a marketing expert one-on-one to help create a brand for your business!
  • Mobile App – Customers can upload their documents and sign their returns on most up to date mobile devices!
  • No Minimum Refund Transfers Required – We know everybody has to start somewhere, don’t feel pressured to do a ton of returns immediately!
  • Access to TaxGPT – An AI powered assistant trained with IRS knowledge
  • Access to WebCE – Training Programs such as ASFP, CTEC and more!

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    Before Return Is Filed

    Complete Return

    Your customer will provide you with all documents they wish to file (W2,1099, Schedule C, etc) and you’ll enter these documents into our easy to use software. Once everything finished you’ll mark the return complete.

    Submit For Review

    Once the return has been completed, tax office will go through the invoicing process to determine preparer fees and how their client would like to pay (upfront or out of their refund). Once the invoicing is completed the return is ready to be submitted to the IRS through 1040TaxBiz.

    Once Return Is Filed

    Accepted By IRS

    As long as everything on the return is accurate and has no errors the IRS will “Accept” the return, acknowledging that the client has successfully filed for that tax season. Where’s my refund should reflect a refund date usually within 5-10 business days of a return being accepted.

    Return is Funded

    As long as your customer has no prior obligation or back taxes their refund should be processed by the IRS within 3-4 weeks. This can be delayed due to IRS investigations and/or offsets in the refund. Persuading your clients to do a refund advance could get them some money early however!

    Tax Office Receives 70% Split

    Once your client is funded, the following week 1040TaxBiz will send you your 70% of the preparation fees. We’ll also send out a weekly statement so you know how much to expect each week! 

    Copyright by 1040TaxBiz. All rights reserved.

    Copyright by 1040TaxBiz All rights reserved.

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