Start a Tax Business

No up front cost with our Revenue Sharing
No out Pocket Cost for start-up

You never pay us
out of your pocket

We take the risk with you. We work with you to start your own Tax Preparation business. We provide every thing you need to start and operate a profitable business.
Fees are only charged when you make money

Revenue Sharing
Fix cost services

We provide everything you need to successfully operate a tax preparation business, like H&R Block. You get Software, Training, Bank products, and operational support.
How do we made money?
we recoup our upfront cost of getting you operational by sharing in the Tax preparation Fees you charge. You set the fees, you decide how much to charge your clients*. We split the fees the first year it is 70/30, you get the 70%. In year two and beyond it is 80/20, with you getting 80% of all prep fees.

* There is a minimum
Third party charges

Fix cost
Third party
Service Bureau
Bank Fees

There are service fees that are not shared. These are charged directly to your tax client and paid direct to a third parties, Like the Bank for the 12 to 24 hour loan, and for the the collection of our funds after the IRS pays out. This is how we get paid when our client has no money up front. They walk in with W'2 and can walk out with money!
Be Realistic

Think before
You Jump!

We want you to be successful, we need you to be successful. If we decide that you are a good fit and we extend an offer of agreement. 1040taxbiz will be investing a lot of time and effort to get you up and running. After our first conversation you need to evaluate our program and it's requirements. Since there are a lot of investment in your start-up cost that our company incurred, we need to be selective in our program. The question we need answered is can you "produce 50 to 100 tax clients". Your first year!

Copyright by 1040TaxBiz. All rights reserved.

Copyright by 1040TaxBiz All rights reserved.

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