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LocalTaxBiz Program

By partnering with 1040TaxBiz under our new LocalTaxBiz program, business owners can earn an additional $10k-40k for their retail business this tax season!

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    Take advantage of tax season to increase revenue for your business!

    1040TaxBiz, the leader in helping clients start and grow thriving tax preparation businesses for over 25 years, wants to expand into the physical retail market by partnering with motivated business owners looking to diversify their services. By marketing to your existing customer base, you can drive profitable revenue into your business. Review our program options to see how easy it is to increase your income during the 2024 tax season. You choose your level of earnings based on your level of effort for one or multiple locations!


    Find a program that fits your business! 


    Tax Tablet Data Entry Program

    Earn revenue without the full responsibility of completing a return by working with the customer to enter basic data.


    •  Assist the customers with signing into a “Tax Tablet” to upload documents and 1040TaxBiz will handle the rest.
    • Help customers download the MyTaxOffice App
    • Scan and upload documents necessary to
      create the return. A 1040TaxBiz team
      member will work with the customer to
      complete it.
    • Optional: provide the customer a printed
      check when the return is funded.

    Income Projection

    • Earn 40% of the preparation fee per funded Bank Product return
    • Estimated 15-30 minutes of effort
    • 100 returns at $300.00 in preparation fees yields $12,000.00 for the season

    Tax Preparer Program

    Generate more income per return by using your own team member trained by 1040TaxBiz to complete the return inhouse. This flexible format works well for a variety of existing businesses.


    • Scan and upload documents necessary to
      create the return.
    • Enter the data into our easy-to-use
      software and complete the return
      including collecting signatures.
    • Optional: provide the customer a printed
      check when the return is funded.
      Income Projection

    Income Projection

    • Earn 60% of the preparation fee per
      funded Bank Product return
    • Estimated 30-60 minutes of effort
    • 100 returns at $300.00 yields $18,000.00 for the season

    Complete Tax Office Program

    Maximize your earnings by upgrading to a full-service tax office for $699.00. We call this package our “skin in the game” package. It means that clients have additional motivation to produce returns when they invest money up front in the program. Additional assistance is provided to help market your business with your own web site and personalized one-on-one conversations to fully develop a business plan to increase your chance of success for the tax season. This program is very beneficial to business owners with multiple locations to reap the greatest amount of income.


    • Scan and upload documents necessary to
      create and complete the return including
      collecting signatures.
    • Optional: provide the customer a printed
      check when the return is funded
      Income Projection

    Income Projection

    • Earn 80% of the preparation fee per
      funded Bank Product return
    • Estimated 30-60 minutes of effort
    • 100 returns at $300.00 yields
      $24,000.00 for the season

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How easy is it to add tax preparation
    services to my business?
    Tax preparation is a logical compliment to
    businesses that offer accounting, bookkeeping,
    notary, and other services. We’ve also assisted
    owners of car lots, furniture stores, and
    insurance companies among others. Mom and
    Pop businesses with great customer
    relationships thrive when adding tax
    preparation services.

    How do I make money?
    A portion of the tax preparation revenue is
    shared with 1040TaxBiz. When we receive the
    fees from the IRS through a Bank Product (or
    directly from the customer in certain
    circumstances), the customer will appear on a
    weekly Revenue Share Statement and you will
    receive your share.

    What is my liability?
    Your program will determine what training is
    needed. Our training and year-round support
    will give you the confidence to prepare accurate
    returns to minimize questions by the IRS.

    What certifications are required?
    For full-service offices, a PTIN and an EFIN are
    required. We assist with applying for them. For
    a data entry only location, no credentials are

    How long can I offer the service?
    Returns can be filed electronically all year long.

    What do I need to provide?
    For full-service offices, you will need a
    computer, printer, wired computer connection,
    and locking file cabinet in about a 4’x6’ seating
    area where the customer would feel
    comfortable sharing their tax information. A
    tablet will be provided to Tax Station locations.

    How do customers pay their fees?
    Bank Products offer the customer the
    convenience of not having to pay their fees
    upfront. If they owe taxes, they pay up front.
    1040TaxBiz will process credit card payments.

    How do customers receive their
    The Bank Product also provides disbursement
    options. Customers can receive their refunds by
    direct deposit, supplied debit card or check.

    What are the next steps in getting
    Each program has its own training and
    requirements based on your level of
    participation. Contact us today to take
    advantage of this limited opportunity and to
    maximize the amount of time you have to
    prepare and to market the service to your
    customer base.

    What services does 1040TaxBiz offer to
    help me operate a tax business?


    Pre-season Support

    • EFIN & PTIN enrollment assistance for full
    service offices
    • Bank and software enrollment
    • Market competition analysis to see what other
    tax offices produced in your area previously


    In-season Guidance

    • Extended inhouse support hours from January
    through February
    • Remote desktop assistance to log into your
    computer to help with entering a return



    • Flexible, easy-to-use system
    • Choose interview mode to walk you through
    entering the return or direct input to quickly
    enter information
    • Hands-on training classes to practice
    entering information and completing



    • Access to live and recorded tax law classes
    and training webinars for marketing
    • Tax law classes include Basic Tax Law,
    Earned Income Credit, Schedule C, and
    Ethics (required class)


    Marketing Assistance

    • Attract customers with up to a $6000 Cash
    Advance Loan before the refund
    • Live interactive and recorded classes for ideas
    to attract customers, provide quality
    customer service, and hire
    team members
    • Posters provided for
    full-service offices
    • Assistance with
    ordering additional
    marketing materials

    Take the first step, contact us for more info!

    Copyright by 1040TaxBiz. All rights reserved.

    Copyright by 1040TaxBiz All rights reserved.

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