Electronic Return Originator

- ERO -

Filing Centers

Filing Centers

Fast refund Loans
Low Cost
Double Check service
-Retail Locations-

-Retail Locations-

Check Cashing - Payday Loan
Car Lots - Cell Phone
Grocery Stores - Banks
Tax Office

Tax Office

IRS Requirement
Included in all
Start-up Packages
-Bank Product-

-Bank Product-

Market and sale the Quick Refund product
No Tax Preparation Work!

Self Prepared, We Review

The customer has prepared their own taxes, and just want to electronically file with IRS. With our program their return can be at the IRS in as little as 15 Minutes. You can offer your customer the ability to get their money in just 12 to 48 hours.

They can purchase audit Protection Insurance -
They can have their return reviewed by a professional Tax Preparer!

Integration into your existing businessSeasonal Opportunity

We provide all customer support both during tax season and year round follow-up!  Clients are given a 1-800 number for questions, a cloud portal and one on one service.


You earn direct and indirect businessAdd new Revenue

You make money on every transaction, this is also a major draw into your key business.  Perfect for high ticket store like car lots, furniture stores,  Check Cashing, Pawn shops, i.e..


MarketingPosters / Banners

1040taxbiz provides all the POP advertising materials like posters, flyers, and sales pamphlets!  We will train your staff on the product and how to sale the service.

ERO Services

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    Copyright by 1040TaxBiz All rights reserved.

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