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Industry Standard

In today's digital age, it seems like everything is moving towards the virtual world. However, when it comes to tax preparation, there's still something to be said for the in-person experience, take H&R Block and Jackson-Hewitt for example. There are a plenty of benefits for your clients to getting their taxes done at a brick-and-mortar business, they'll get the benefit of a face-to-face interaction with a tax professional which is incredibly valuable, especially if they have complex tax needs or questions that you can answer!

Increased Visibility

Marketing / Advertising – this will determine your success and growth of your Tax Business.  Tv, Radio, and print advertising are expensive, but you have let the public know you are open for business.  Second you have let them know where you are located.  A fixed retail location allows you to hang out a sign that said “I’m Here”

Increased Credibility

Opening a brick-and-mortar tax business allows you to establish a physical presence in your community. This can be a great way to build trust and credibility with potential clients, as they can see and interact with your business in person. Additionally, having a physical location can help you stand out in a crowded market and attract customers who prefer the personal touch of an in-person experience!

Low Cost
The average set-up at a location can run between $500. and $2,500 in start-up cost. Monthly is between $550 and $1500 per month.
Short Term Lease
We never recommend starting out with a fixed lease. There are plenty of opportunity to lease a space for 3 to 4 months
Co-Op Space
Sharing a Location with a compatible business. Talk with Insurance agents, real estate office
In house Support
We have team members that will assist in find a location for you. We have a program that will reach out to local businesses in your area for seasonal leases.
Start Ups
Our local market analysis can identify all competitor in your area, and the number of customers in that market.
How Long
Low Cost start is the key of build a long term tax business. Industry standard is that it take 3 years to build a book of business that will generate a six figure income.

Clients' success

Remember this is your company, your business. Those that make it are the one that put in the effort. 1040taxbiz provide the tools and support needed, but the work has to come from you!

Activate Offices

Every Year 1040taxbiz goes into the Tax Season with 500 to 750 Offices around the country. 80% produce revenue and make money. The other 20% never show up!

Major Offices

Over 30% of our clients in brick and Mortar locations make 6 figure income at these locations.

New Offices

Almost half of office that stat out in fixed retail location make Mid to upper 5 figure income their first year. Remember this is a season business. You only work about 12 to 16 weeks a year.
A Very Competitive Indusrty

You will

Our team will work with you and provide all of Point of Sales merchandising needed to make your Office look and feel like one of the big national chains.

Brent Harris

Senior v.p

What are the steps to finding a Location


Remember always this is a numbers business. You want to be where you can market to your client base. Those that need your product, which is no money up front. All of our fees are paid from the customers tax refund. They get all of the benefits of your professional services with no fees upfront.


A competitive analysis identifies and assesses industry competitors by size, service, market share and target market. A small tax consulting service likely will have a more difficult time competing against larger firms with more experienced consultants and bigger marketing budgets. A competitive analysis for a smaller firm should include only those firms that go after the same target market and offer similar services at a comparable price. The analysis also should look at its qualifications, such as if the firm needs a full-time Certified Public Accountant or tax attorney.

Your BusinessBranding

The business name and branding is yours! Remember 1040taxbiz is a services provider. Contact us today to be ready for this coming tax season.

    Copyright by 1040TaxBiz. All rights reserved.

    Copyright by 1040TaxBiz All rights reserved.

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